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PayPath Joins Powerful Feature Set Available to Jackrabbit Clients

Jackrabbit Offers Core Features at No Cost With New Payment Choice

Charlotte, NC – March 20, 2024 – Jackrabbit Technologies offers its latest feature, Jackrabbit Class with PayPath, that allows youth activity centers, including gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, and swim and music schools, to save on expenses without sacrificing software capabilities.

How Jackrabbit Class with PayPath Works

Jackrabbit clients can now choose to add a small technology fee to all online payments paid by their customers. This technology fee allows clients to forgo paying a standard monthly subscription fee for Jackrabbit’s software. Taking advantage of the PayPath feature helps clients to eliminate their out-of-pocket cost without losing the comprehensive software functionality they are accustomed to using to manage their businesses. Learn more about Jackrabbit Class with PayPath here.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to offer the complete functionality of Jackrabbit Class to our clients without paying subscription fees,” notes Darin Soll, Jackrabbit’s COO.  “PayPath will be a game changer for all businesses that depend on software to manage their operations, but have to watch every dollar they spend in today’s economy.”

Clients benefit from the following when using Jackrabbit Class with PayPath:

  • Immediate cost savings without sacrificing powerful features
  • Reallocating out-of-pocket software fees back into their business
  • Fees that are automatically added to eligible payments (credit cards, debit cards, and ACH/bank drafts), creating no manual work for the client
  • No need to add inactive families to the lead file to keep cost down

“Jackrabbit loves to be the first to bring new features to the industry, especially the ones that directly impact our clients’ bottom lines and this is a big one! PayPath offers the capability for our clients to pass on both credit card fees and/or technology fees to their clients,” notes Jackrabbit CEO and co-founder, Mark Mahoney.

“It’s incredibly challenging to address what customers want and need at no additional cost to them. Similar marketplace options cannot offer a solution as comprehensive, affordable, and helpful as Jackrabbit Class with PayPath,” notes Jackrabbit CEO and co-founder, Mark Mahoney.

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing cloud-based class management software to youth activity centers that include swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, music schools, and child care centers serving more than 15,000 schools in 36 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions that are rich in features, such as enrollment and immunization management, billing, online registration, and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies is a SaaS solution that helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them. Learn more by visiting Jackrabbit Technologies’ Newsroom.

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