Jackrabbit’s Virtual BOOST Conference Elevated Attendees’ Experience with Experts

Jackrabbit’s Virtual BOOST Conference Elevated Attendees’ Experience with Experts

Jackrabbit’s Virtual BOOST Conference Elevated Attendees’ Experience with Experts

Charlotte, NC | October 25, 2021 – Jackrabbit Technologies’ BOOST Virtual Conference welcomed participants from all industries serving youth activity centers, including those offering gymnastics, dance, swim, cheer and music programs with beneficial content in an innovative platform. The most popular session – led by Jackrabbit leaders, CEO and co-founder Mark Mahoney, COO Darin Soll and Director of Marketing, Emily Correa – shared deep industry knowledge and offered their perspectives on the direction of not only Jackrabbit but the youth activity center industry in its entirety.

Culmination of a Content-Packed Event

The BOOST Virtual Conference brought many participant accolades! Here is a  sampling of what we heard: 

  • “Jackrabbit is fantastic for putting this together!”
  • “Virtual is the way of the future. Thank you!”
  • “We would love to attend in person but it’s not practical for me as I live in Canada and am 4 hours from the closest airport. I loved being able to attend virtually.”
  • “I had the best time! Even from my dining room chair! I now see the value in attending something like this. Now I feel more like I’m part of the Jackrabbit family and I’m not nervous to reach out to ask for help about anything. My eyes are now wide open to learn more!”

Jackrabbit took out all the stops, researched multiple event platforms and created a virtual conference that gave participants lots of flexibility and freedom: creating customized agendas on their own, presenting questions to experts that could be saved and shared, and connecting and reconnecting on an individual level. Main stage sessions of general interest, like the one presented by keynote speaker Leigh Ann Cannady, were offered as well as breakout sessions in both business/marketing and product training tracks. All those who attended the BOOST Virtual Conference or purchased on-demand content have a brief post-event window of access to their content. 

“It’s gratifying for the Jackrabbit team to see that their efforts resulted in the empowerment of our software users and excitement about putting our software to work for their businesses,” notes Jackrabbit CEO and co-founder, Mark Mahoney.  

Unprecedented Responses From Ecstatic Clients

For the first time in an in-person or virtual conference, Jackrabbit offered a conference day devoted to dance content that was wildly popular. Industry expert Clint Salter shared the spotlight with Jackrabbit client, experienced studio owner and speaker, Chasta Hamilton.

Jackrabbit leveraged the virtual platform to offer even more content to participants than with an in-person conference, connect on an individual level with more clients at one time and leverage the knowledge of and bring value to its partners in more ways than ever before.  

The unprecedented response from client participation is noteworthy, showing that learning and networking can be done well in a virtual context. 

Jackrabbit Technologies has continued to provide learning through the COVID-19 pandemic. By transitioning from in-person events to virtual ones, Jackrabbit has been able to continue adding educational value for the youth activity center industry in the US and beyond. 

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing cloud-based class management software to youth activity centers – gymnastics gyms, dance studios, swim schools, cheer gyms, music schools, childcare centers, theater programs, art studios, martial arts dojos, ninja gyms and more –  serving millions of students at over 15,000 locations in 36 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions rich in features, such as enrollment management, billing, online registration and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies’ software helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them – we win when our clients win. Our award-winning software is powered by our culture of innovation and caring – learn more.

Contact Jill Purdy at media@jackrabbittech.com for media inquiries. For more information about our cloud-based class management software, email us at info@jackrabbittech.com.

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