Mike Carper

CTO & Co-Founder

Mike is a co-founder and the original architect and developer of Jackrabbit Technologies, a dream job that started in 2004 after having lunch with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Mark Mahoney. Mark shared with Mike his idea of providing a software to gymnastics gyms that would enable the owners to operate their businesses AND nurture their gymnasts. In early 2004, Mike started building Jackrabbit based on Mark’s vision. By the end of the year, he and Mark were collecting their first payments for the software they were offering as a service, even before SaaS software was a big deal.

Mike’s development vision produced an initial architecture that was successful because it put – and still puts speed, reliability, and scalability first.

Prior to providing the development expertise behind Jackrabbit, Mike sharpened his skills as Systems Consultant for SPC – which is also where he and Mark first met and became friends. Mike later founded Norman Technologies where he led development direction after which he was Senior Developer at Standpoint Technologies. It was early 2004 when Mike and his friend Mark were having lunch, that the idea of Jackrabbit Technologies was conceived as a SaaS (software as a service) business operational platform.

The business partners established the goal of providing a single web-based software that gave youth activity center owners the tools they needed to be successful at business. As Jackrabbit grows, Mike enjoys seeing newer game-changing technologies that make it possible to enhance the experience of users and help to continuously increase productivity at Jackrabbit and delight users.

Today’s Jackrabbit software is the industry leader – providing the most comprehensive youth activity center software that supports, enables, and liberates parents, staff, and owners of youth activity centers such as gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, swim and music schools and child care centers.

Building on Mike’s product forethought, technology research and industry understanding, Jackrabbit executes today’s newer development strategies in lock-step with user needs, and looks towards its future product with features and functionality that new – perhaps even yet-to be developed – technology can deliver to users.

Mike graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BSBA in Business Administration and a concentration in Management Information Systems. He enjoys personal fitness, traveling, relaxing, and boating/sailing on Lake Norman.

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