Jackrabbit Technologies Reveals 20:20 Vision

Jackrabbit Technologies Reveals 20/20 Vision

Jackrabbit Technologies Reveals 20/20 Vision

Charlotte, NC | February 25, 2020 – Jackrabbit’s 20/20 Vision is an awesome tool for owners and managers of youth activity centers using the company’s class management cloud software.

What will the Jackrabbit 20/20 Vision help users do?

The 20/20 Vision is all about giving Jackrabbit users time back in their day. More specifically, they can:

  • See Jackrabbit’s direction and how it will help them
  • Plan operational enhancements into the year
  • Watch the software enhancements become reality
  • Participate in the development process as beta testers
  • Experience concrete software-inspired improvements in operations

“Jackrabbit’s 20/20 Vision is our commitment to deliver these critical and innovative new capabilities this year, many of which are top requests from our clients. Providing this level of transparency gives users greater confidence in the software they’re using because they see the road ahead.” Tracy EganProduct Director at Jackrabbit Technologies

And in that 2020 development queue, Jackrabbit has placed:

  • Set and Forget features of autodraft payments, automated tuition posting, and automated email follow-up
  • Streamlined Absences and Makeups and a more positive parent experience
  • New features in the Parent Portal like viewing waitlisted classes, gender customization, required payment option, flexible registration fees that can also be auto-posted
  • The next generation of Jackrabbit that takes the solution to a level unparalleled by any solution of its kind
  • Family & Student Management tools including keeping and attaching files, personalizing email messages and quickly dropping classes

Each new capability or feature is designed and engineered to give users time back in their day so they have time to pursue the passions that got them into their business in the first place.

How does Jackrabbit know what users want?

The Idea Portal was released in late 2018 and has opened up a new level of understanding for the Jackrabbit product team. Users can express support (or not) by voting for ideas in the portal. Vote totals are a critical part of the vetting process in ideas actually happening. Voting results shed light on user preferences and enable product development timelines and each year’s vision to be more accurate.

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing cloud-based class management software to youth activity centers that include swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, music schools, and child care centers serving more than 15,000 schools in 36 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions that are rich in features, such as enrollment and immunization management, billing, online registration, and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies is a SaaS solution that helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them. Learn more by visiting Jackrabbit Technologies’ Newsroom.

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