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Jackrabbit Technologies Helps Provide the Basics for World’s Neediest Children

Charlotte, NC | September 17, 2013 – Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of online class management software for youth activities centers, continues its support of the child-centric programs of  Hope4Kids/Grain of Wheat International. For the second time, Jackrabbit has collected basic hygiene supplies for colorful back packs for Project Clean. The back packs will be combined with back packs donated by others and delivered to children living in some of the world’s poorest areas. In addition to providing the back packs, Jackrabbit is providing soccer equipment for children in Madagascar. Through soccer camps children can be reached and educated about the importance of hygiene.

Donating Hygiene Items and Soccer Equipment Supports Outreach Efforts of Child-centric Charity 

“We’re thrilled to be able to work with such a resourceful group as Hope4Kids/Grain of Wheat International. They identify ways to interact effectively with children and families who have tremendous needs but may not respond to simple offers of soap and toothpaste,” comments Jackrabbit’s President, Mark Mahoney. “They have developed a way to attract children, provide an activity that they love through the soccer camps and introduce potentially life-saving supplies to them. When Grain of Wheat director, Kim Westfall told us that neither the children nor the camps have soccer supplies, we thought sending cleats, socks and soccer balls would be a worthwhile project!”

Jackrabbit employees have gathered gently used soccer equipment to add to the new equipment the company purchased for one of the camps that Kim is working with.

“We saw children with cloth tied to their feet kicking balls made of tape,” comments Westfall. “They are so excited about the soccer camps that having no equipment is really irrelevant to them. But we can give them a totally different experience by just sending some gently used cleats. The children who have gathered for the camps are excited to be given the back packs filled with hygiene items and are very receptive to our hygiene education. They are so excited that they go back to their homes and share what they’ve learned with their families.”

Hope4Kids provides several programs with the mission of making a difference in the lives of children around the globe. The organization delivers crucial items that will improve the children’s well-being and remind them that they have a future and hope.

“We seek out ways to bring the children in the poorest areas of the world the basic necessities that they lack and to share with them the Word of God,” adds Westfall. “Our efforts go beyond one visit, to provide a series of programs designed to continuousy meet the basic needs of these children. Jackrabbit’s continued support in both financial and hands-on ways is important to our ability to provide hope to children around the world.”

There are more than 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation, according to GlobalIssues.org, so there are plenty of areas in need. The difficulty comes in deciding which areas to help first.

“A key aspect of the Grain of Wheat and the Hopre4Kids initiatives that we are excited about is their vision for long-term support because it is only by continuing to help that we can hope to give children the possibility for a better future,” adds Mahoney.

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