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Jackrabbit Technologies Gives Back Year Round

Jackrabbit Technologies Gives Back Year Round

Commitment to Community Service Highlighted by Project During Company Retreat

Charlotte, NC | April 4, 2019 – Jackrabbit Technologies is passionate about giving back to the community. And to Jackrabbit, community can be the local Charlotte area community or the global community.

This year, Jackrabbit hosted an event that wrapped up its recent all-company annual meeting in Charlotte’s uptown. The entire Jackrabbit team pulled on gloves and adorned orange hair nets to pack 10,152 meals at a cost of 34 cents each for Rise Against Hunger.

Jackrabbit has a totally remote workforce so it is rare for the entire team to be in the same location. Likewise, it’s difficult for employees outside of the Charlotte metro area – where Jackrabbit’s ‘home base’ is located – to participate in the giving back projects and opportunities that the local Jackrabbit team members take on. The Rise Against Hunger event enabled the entire team to do a project together.

“Wrapping up our retreat with the Rise Against Hunger activity was awesome! It energized everyone and got us fired up for taking on everything we planned during our retreat,” notes HR Manager Tracey Chantry. “It was amazing to see everyone dancing and singing to the music as they filled, weighed and sealed containers and packed them in boxes for shipping. The cheers when the gong sounded for each 1000 meals packed were genuine!”     

Rise Against Hunger supplies meal supplies to teams who measure and package components of the meal-in-a-bag items to be boxed up and sent to those around the world that would not otherwise have food. As the host company, Jackrabbit paid for the meal components and supplied the labor for packaging.

Jackrabbit also helps end hunger by regularly working shifts at Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina. The employees local to Charlotte join in these events. During the two most recent Second Harvest events, Jackrabbit team inspected and sorted 8000 lbs of food (or 6666 meals) and then sorted 9000 lbs of Walmart donations during the two 3-hour shifts at the food bank. One of the great things about Jackrabbit’s most recent sorting event was that its timing enabled Onboarding Manager Lynda Vigor, who lives in Kamloops, BC, the opportunity to participate with the headquarter’s city team!

Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina’s efforts of education, advocacy and partnerships have an end-goal of eliminating hunger by soliciting and distributing food to those in the Charlotte metro area.

“It was a special treat to participate with the Charlotte team at the Second Harvest event,” notes Lynda Vigor, Onboarding Manager. “We all get our hands – and sometimes our clothes – dirty together. It’s great for our team!”

Jackrabbit Technologies’ passion for giving back is also illustrated in its partnership with an international organization focused on providing to the children in some of the world’s most impoverished countries, Grain of Wheat. In addition to providing financial support, the Jackrabbit team hosts hands-on events to help with packaging needed items.

“Working with global and local organizations lets us see that we are fortunate in every aspect of our lives. We take our role in helping those less fortunate personally and believe it is our company’s duty,” shares CEO and co-founder, Mark Mahoney.

Please visit Jackrabbit’s about page for more information about how Jackrabbit gives back.

You may also contact media@jackrabbittech.com with questions and/or special requests.

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing cloud-based class management software to youth activity centers that include swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, music schools, and child care centers serving more than 15,000 schools in 36 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions that are rich in features, such as enrollment and immunization management, billing, online registration, and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies is a SaaS solution that helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them. Learn more by visiting Jackrabbit Technologies’ Newsroom.

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