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Jackrabbit Joins Peers in Sharing Growth Success Strategies at 2013 SEVC

Charlotte, NC | March 13, 2013 – Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of web-based solutions for youth sports & activities centers, will be one of Charlotte’s shining technology success stories at the Southeast Venture Conference March 13-14 at Charlotte’s Ritz Carlton. Jackrabbit, along with several other high-growth tech companies, is slated to present in Thursday’s agenda. The Southeast Venture Conference will highlight more than 50 of the leading high-growth technology companies from around the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions – from Pre-IPO late stage firms to some of the most promising earlier stage high-growth firms. While all of the presenting companies – including Jackrabbit – are not seeking funding, they do represent the entrepreneurial energy and high-growth support that the area has.

Jackrabbit is one of several Charlotte companies presenting at SEVC this year. Two others with similar success models are AvidXchange and goodmortgage.com. Like, Jackrabbit, these companies are  beyond start-up stage and have experienced high growth and stability across their life cycles and are preparing for substantial continued growth. Jackrabbit joins its peers in sharing their stories at this year’s conference as the present and future of the region’s innovation economy.

“We were fortunate to launch our company in an area where experienced entrepreneurs share their knowledge and nurture others in the entrepreneurial community. We have also been fortunate to experience double-digit growth for each of our 9 years. However, our good fortune has not been an accident,” said Mark Mahoney, President and CoFounder of Jackrabbit Technologies. “My partner and I have been diligent in maintaining our focus on core strengths and long-term strategies – as have others like Keith Luedeman and Michael Praeger – in leading our companies to where they are today. It is this information that we hope to share with those attending the SEVC.”

“Charlotte has been a wonderful home for the past 14 years as we continue to expand across the country.  Our goal has always been to provide excellent service to our customer base as we expand.  Even in an industry in turmoil, the secret for goodmortgage.com has been in securing a position that allows us to grow when others can’t. We’ve concentrated on responsible growth – never outpacing our ability to excel in providing service to our customers,” notes Keith Luedeman, Founder and CEO of goodmortgage.com. “Our role at SEVC is to share how important these elements are in growing a later stage company in a way that can be maintained for the long term.”

“Leadership & Growth is all about maintaining core values. Our success in becoming the largest software company in Charlotte over the last 12 years illustrates the power of a focused team and the importance of adhering to a strong business plan, responding to market changes and following up with clean execution,” comments Michael Praeger, Co-Founder and CEO of AvidXchange. “Participating in SEVC gives us the opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of Charlotte and demonstrate that Charlotte based software companies can grow into industry leaders as we have done in ‘Payment Automation’ industry as well as companies like Jackrabbit Technologies and goodmortage.com in their respective industries”.

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies is the leader in providing cloud-based class management software to youth activity centers that include swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, music schools, and child care centers serving more than 15,000 schools in 36 countries. Jackrabbit develops solutions that are rich in features, such as enrollment and immunization management, billing, online registration, and staff and parent portals. Jackrabbit Technologies is a SaaS solution that helps its clients operate more efficiently so they can get back to the passions that inspire them. Learn more by visiting Jackrabbit Technologies’ Newsroom.

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