Meet the Fleet

Say hello to the Jackrabbit Technologies fleet – your trusty companions on the journey to success! Beneath their adorable exteriors, these bunnies are true experts when it comes to enhancing your business operations. Whether you run a gymnastics or cheer gym, a swim or music school, a dance studio, a child care center, or another type of youth activity center, the Jackrabbit fleet is trained and ready to help owners take control of their business operations so they can get back to teaching, educating and enjoying the parts of their business that they love the most.

Choosing the Perfect Mascot

When our CEO/Co-Founder, Mark Mahoney was deciding on a mascot back in 2004, he had a few requirements for the perfect fit. He needed it to resemble something fast, friendly, and full of energy – much like our software and staff!

After a string of interviews and considerations, there was only one applicant who checked all the boxes for Mark. Zippy, the Jackrabbit! Lucky for us, Zippy had a big family who wanted to help out and join in the fun and the rest is history.

20 years later, we have a fleet of Jackrabbit bunnies at youth activity and child care centers across the globe, helping owners, staff, and managers simplify their day-to-day processes and grow their businesses.

Meet Zippy

Zippy is the leader of the Jackrabbit fleet. With his positive attitude and friendly personality, he’s more than ready to hop to it and get your youth activity center to a better place.
Favorite activity: Helping others succeed

Meet Zipperina

Zipperina has all the right moves for a stellar dance studio management performance. From classes to recitals, she knows all the techniques to make your life easier.
Favorite Dance Move: Pirouettes

Meet Aerial

If you’re struggling to balance on the beam of your gymnastics business, there’s only one bunny for the job. Aerial always sticks the landing when it comes to improving workflows.
Favorite Gymnastics Move: Kip

Meet Splash

Whether you’re blowing bubbles or setting new medley records, Splash is always ready to dive right in and help you improve your swim school for the better.
Favorite Swimming Style: Backstroke

Meet Sparkle

Sparkle is always your number-one cheerleader, she’s the right bunny to give your team a good mat talk and take any cheer gym to the next level.
Favorite Cheer Move: Tumbling

Meet Tempo

Tempo always keeps the beat when helping music schools manage their business. He’s the perfect addition to any band.
Favorite Instrument: Piano (With a soft spot for the accordion.)

Meet Skippy

Skippy is our Jackrabbit Care mascot! They love to show how much they care by helping your childcare business grow.
Favorite Activity: Coloring

At Jackrabbit, Cultivating Trust is at the Heart of Our Journey

In the ever-changing youth activities marketplace, establishing a trustworthy brand is more than a goal – it’s a journey. At Jackrabbit, we’re on this journey with you, weaving trust into the fabric of our brand, nurturing a loyal community, and upholding our reputation as the industry standard in quality. Here’s how we make it happen:

Unwavering Consistency

At the core of Jackrabbit, consistency is key.
We’re committed to delivering top-notch quality in each feature, every service, every time. This means you can count on a stellar experience with every interaction, solidifying our promise of dependability.

Dependable Reliability

We don’t just make promises; we keep them.
Meeting deadlines, being transparent about our processes, and staying true to our commitments are the pillars of our reliability. Expect the fulfillment of what’s been promised.

Exemplary Quality

Quality isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a pledge.
We aren’t just about meeting expectations – were about surpassing them. This unwavering focus on quality cultivates confidence and trust in our brand’s ability to deliver unparalleled value.

Transparent Communication

We believe in the power of open communication.
From pricing to policies, from services to sustainability practices, we ensure every aspect of our operations is clear and upfront. This honesty builds credibility, fostering a transparent relationship with you.

Client-Centric Approach

You’re at the heart of everything we do at Jackrabbit.
By actively listening to your feedback, addressing your concerns with speed and empathy, and continually striving to meet your needs, we ensure that our brand is synonymous with customer care and trust.

Reputation for Excellence

Our reputation precedes us – a testament to our excellence.
Meeting deadlines, being transparent about our processes, and staying true to our commitments are the pillars of our reliability. Expect the fulfillment of what’s been promised.

Ethical and Responsible

We’re more than a business; we’re a member of the community.
From environmental consciousness to fair employee treatment, ethical sourcing to social engagement, our ethical practices demonstrate our commitment to a positive impact, far beyond profit.

Commitment to Security and Privacy

We prioritize protecting your personal information.
Our robust security measures and clear privacy policies are not just compliant with regulations but are a testament to our dedication to your safety and trust.

Trust is a journey, not a destination. At Jackrabbit, we’re committed to this journey, investing in lasting relationships built on a foundation of reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction. Join us on this path, where trust is just the beginning.

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