Tracy Egan

Chief Product Officer

Meet Tracy Egan, Chief Product Officer at Jackrabbit Technologies, where curiosity meets empathy, user-centricity, and a borderline obsessive fascination with data. Tracy’s philosophy is simple: put the user at the heart of every product decision. In her role, she recognizes that the key to developing technology solutions that empower clients to succeed and grow is engaging with the people who do the real work. Tracy’s approach involves asking the right questions and, more importantly, truly listening to the answers. Her passion lies in crafting solutions that not only address the right problems but also strike the delicate balance between simplicity and depth.

Since joining Jackrabbit in 2018, Tracy implemented the Agile Methodology, enabling the product, development and QA teams to collaborate more, deliver frequently and adjust easily based on user feedback. As a leader, one of her primary goals is to create an environment where her teams feel successful and empowered. She leads the technology teams across Jackrabbit’s product suite to deliver high value, high quality SaaS solutions that allow childcare and child activity clients to grow their businesses and spend more time with their students, doing what they love.

Prior to Jackrabbit, Tracy held product leadership roles at several diverse companies. At XPO Logistics, Tracy leveraged her supply chain management degree to build an industry leading solution for their Brokerage business as Director of Product. Prior to that, she led a greenfield effort to innovate an industry-leading food safety auditing solution as Head of Product for Steritech, which allows some of the world’s top brands to customize their food safety audits to meet their brand’s unique standards. As VP of Product and Marketing at PokerTek, she helped bring the world’s first automated poker table to the market, creating a new gaming category and selling thousands of tables to casinos and cruise ships worldwide, changing the way people play poker forever. She started her career at a Supply Chain software startup, building solutions that helped optimize logistics and warehouse operations for businesses worldwide.

Tracy has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Integrated Supply Management, which combines supply chain management business and engineering courses, from Western Michigan University. She and her family live in the Charlotte, NC area, and love to travel to warm, tropical locations as often as possible.

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