Media Relations

Media Relations

Jackrabbit Technologies is an online business management software provider that serves clients in several sectors of the children’s activity center industry. We welcome open communication with business and industry focused publications in each of these areas – Gymnastics, Dance, Swim, Cheer, Music, and Care. To communicate with potential and existing clients, Jackrabbit hosts websites that focus on the needs and preferences of each of the above sectors. We encourage you to explore each of these sites from the links below; media details are offered here for your convenience.

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You build their dreams. We build your business.

Key Facts

  • Jackrabbit Technologies was founded in 2004 by co-founders, Mark Mahoney and Mike Carper, who remain hands-on with the company today.
  • Jackrabbit has grown organically (no investment or borrowed money) since inception in three key areas: revenue, client base, employee count.
  • Jackrabbit has earned a stellar reputation in the children’s activity center and software industries as well as in the entrepreneurial community for growth, culture and leadership and has been recognized on numerous occasions.
  • Jackrabbit releases more than 100 software enhancements each year, making the product the most dynamic and current among its competitors.
Jackrabbit empowers 6,000 clients worldwide








The Jackrabbit Story

Read about the events that converged to bring Jackrabbit to life. Listen to the company founders describe their contributions in their own words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to the burning questions you have about Jackrabbit Technologies by exploring our corporate FAQs.

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Media Coverage

Jackrabbit Technologies seeks out opportunities to connect with writers and editors from a broad array of media outlets. We look forward to fostering our existing relationships and creating new ones.

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Learn about the professional recognition Jackrabbit has received over the years by reviewing the items on our awards page.

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Press Releases

Review press releases related to our awards and recognition, community and industry involvement, software updates, company changes, and upcoming events.

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Explore the branding components used for each of Jackrabbit’s sector-specific markets below so that you understand which items accommodate
your needs. We’re happy to provide you with the precise items you’re looking for and style sheets that will ensure you know all the details for
accurately using each branding component.

For additional logos and brand guidelines, contact us: Email Jackrabbit

For media inquiries

We want to hear from you! We’ve tried to make the most requested branding items available on this page. If you need items that are a little
out-of-the ordinary and not offered here, please contact us and we can help you get what you need.

Contact us for media inquiries: Email Jackrabbit

Whatever your passion is, Jackrabbit can help you manage it and grow!

Select one of our industry sector editions below to explore what Jackrabbit can bring to your organization.

Jackrabbit Class

Gymnastics Class Management Software

Jackrabbit Dance

Dance Studio Management Software

Jackrabbit Swim

Swim School Management Software

Jackrabbit Cheer

Cheer Gym
Management Software

Jackrabbit Music

Music School Management Software

Jackrabbit Care

Childcare Center Management Software

Existing Jackrabbit Client Login

Please choose the corresponding link above (Class, Dance, Swim, Cheer, Music, Care) to login to your Jackrabbit account. Be sure to bookmark your product page for faster login!

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