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Jackrabbit is the industry leader in online class management and billing. Used by over 12,000 schools in the dance, gymnastics, swim, cheer and childcare markets, Jackrabbit offers an end-to-end online solution for managing your business. Our robust software helps our clients increase profits and grow, by enabling them to offer high-demand online processes like registration and automatic billing. Jackrabbit’s powerful features include online class and staff management, invoicing and payment processing, and business automation. Whatever your passion is, Jackrabbit can help you manage it and grow!

Jackrabbit’s corporate headquarters are located in Huntersville, NC, located just north of Charlotte. Since Jackrabbit is a virtual company, the headquarters offices are not occupied every day. Jackrabbit has found its virtual work environment popular with employees a great motivator for its very productive work force. Jackrabbit has employees in several states on both east and west coasts.

Jackrabbit has clients in all 50 states and 28 countries around the world.
From day one, Jackrabbit has been an internet-based business. Since its solution is accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, Jackrabbit’s clients have come from across the US and in English-speaking countries around the world.
Jackrabbit‘s online class and studio management software is best suited for those in the children’s activity center business. These organizations are comprised of gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, swim, music and martial arts schools and child care centers. Jackrabbit is best suited for those in English-speaking countries since the site has not been translated to other languages.
Jackrabbit was co-founded and owned by business partners, Mark Mahoney and Mike Carper. Both are actively involved in the company today and are the visionaries behind the company’s success. They both live near the company headquarters and are engaged with employees and clients.
Jackrabbit has enjoyed profitability since very early in its lifecycle. Years of recognition for growth, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have driven the company’s profitability higher each year. From inception, Jackrabbit’s owners have heavily re-invested revenues in tools and staff that empower the development and delivery of powerful software and services to its clients.
Jackrabbit consistently markets and sells software to organizations in seven sectors of the children’s activity center industry: gymnastics, dance, swim, cheer, music, martial arts and child care. In order to best approach and serve these industry sectors, Jackrabbit has branded its software for each of them creating branding for Jackrabbit Class, Jackrabbit Dance, Jackrabbit Swim, Jackrabbit Cheer, Jackrabbit Music and Jackrabbit Care.
Jackrabbit still owns the Jackrabbit Camp brand, however, it has been inactive while enhancements to the software that apply to that sector are completed.
No. And Jackrabbit’s aggressive enhancement schedule is the reason for that. The product design and engineering teams would have to stop development in order to package “release” versions of the software. Enhancements are ongoing. This ongoing cycle keep more features and improvements happening than can be accomplished in the stop and release method of development.
Jackrabbit’s software is in a constant state of enhancement. You could say that the software is a living and breathing being that is always improving. Weekly progress is reported in Sprints. This methodology keeps positive development going and improvements and enhancements visible to users.
From the time when the company processed a fraction of this transaction amount, its attention to providing the utmost in system security has been consistent.

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Whatever your passion is, Jackrabbit can help you manage it and grow!

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Jackrabbit Class

Gymnastics Class Management Software

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Jackrabbit Dance

Dance Studio Management Software

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Jackrabbit Swim

Swim School Management Software

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Jackrabbit Cheer

Cheer Gym
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Jackrabbit Music

Music School Management Software

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Childcare Center Management Software

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